The Common Objection Our Prospects on Social Media Seldom Verbalize

The Common Objection that Our Social Media Prospects Seldom Verbalize Objections are easier to answer when we bring them up on social media before we start our presentation. Here is the common objection our prospects seldom verbalize and most Network Marketers fail to answer upfront because they don’t know how. “But what if I fail?” […]

Handling Objections in Network Marketing with These Simple Rules

Handling Objections in Network Marketing is easy with these Simple Rules Have you ever had a prospect delay their decision to join or buy? And you are unsure of the way for handling objections in Network Marketing to counteract it? The prospect says, —“I want to think about it.” —“I need to check with my […]

Is This a Money Pyramid Scheme

Is this a SCAM? Is it a Money Pyramid Scheme “This is a pyramid scheme.” “It’s a scam.” “Isn’t this pyramid selling?” We’ve all heard objections to network marketing by such statements from one or more of our prospects. This type of money pyramid objection usually occurs from ignorance. The prospect doesn’t understand how our […]