Get to the Point in the First Few Seconds

Please, get to the point in the first few seconds! If you don’t you will ruin it for your prospect! Prospects live busy lives and all of our brains are hardwired to make decisions quickly anyway. So, we must get to the point with prospects swiftly. You may want to check out this post that […]

The Psychology of Persuasion is a Valuable Skill to Learn

The Psychology of Persuasion

The Psychology of Persuasion Learn this Valuable Skill so you can become far more successful. What separates a professional network marketer from an amateur network marketer? Professionals have learned the psychology of persuasion. It is a skill that can translate into massive amounts of people joining your team and buying your products. The psychology of […]

Short Stories to Counteract Pushback and Resistant from Our Prospects

Short Stories to Counteract Resistance from some Prospects Some people are stubborn others are resistant. The frown on their faces with their arms folded tells us we may be in for a rough ride … unless we counteract them with short stories. Here is a phrase which will make things better: “Here is the short […]