Speaking about Network Marketing to the Four Color Personalities of College Students

Speaking about Network Marketing to College Students & each of the Four Color Personalities Speaking about network marketing to the four color personalities of college students is a challenge. There are certain problems to consider. How to get students? How to overcome the money objection? How to talk to them without running them off? Students who […]

Breaking the Ice to Closing the Prospect to $100,000 in the Bank

From “Breaking the Ice” to “Closing the Prospect” How I put $100,000 in the Bank! Breaking the Ice Want to know from breaking the ice to closing the prospect step-by-step on how to put $100,000.00 in the bank? It’s a tall order and much is required adequately to answer. Let’s get started. Laying out from start […]

Find New Prospects by Saying the Right Things

To find New Prospects all you have to do is say the Right Things! Network Marketing is easy when you have skills How many network marketers say they cannot find new prospects? They claim there are no new prospects in their small town. Prospects make excuses. They claim to have no money. It’s a scam. […]

Highly Effective MLM Prospecting Script to Closing

Highly Effective Closing skills for Network Marketing Since no one succeeds in this business without getting YES decisions, knowing some closing skills —meaning questions that are not salesy or pushy AND really effective —might be a critical skill in Network Marketing, yes? The most important task after getting a prospect interested in your opportunity or […]