Text Marketing for Network Marketing

Text Marketing for Network Marketing What is the one activity everybody enjoys? Texting! Everybody loves texting. Network Marketers love text marketing for their business. You wake up at midnight. Instead of tossing and turning in your sleep, you open your cell phone and start texting. Since we are Network Marketing, we don’t want to waste […]

People Who Hide Their Emotions Usually Care the Most

People Who Hide Their Emotions are usually the ones who Care the Most Few people join our business to just for the money. That’s too logical and it is the emotional reasons they join for. Not only that but the people who hide their emotions usually are the who feel them the strongest and who […]

Agree to Disagree Words that Create Great Prospects

Agree to Disagree; Words that Create Great Prospects To take control of a conversation, you must use agree to disagree words with the other person. Let us illustrate how it works. People like agreement. People also like disagreement. If everybody agreed, it would be a boring world. One person would talk, and everyone would just […]

A Retirement Plan for Planning A Prospect’s Retirement

Providing your prospect with early retirement? All we do is give people options but they rarely expect this! Most prospects are not expecting Network Marketing to give them an option for early retirement. They were just hoping to earn more money short term. Statistics show most prospects will not be ready for retirement. — 67% […]

Answer Three Questions and You Learn the Secret of How to Sponsor and Recruit

Answer Three Questions & You Will Learn the Secret of Recruiting If you can answer three questions, you can sponsor and recruit. Everybody can remember three questions. Answer me these three questions and see how easy it works. Do you have a problem? Do you want to fix the problem? Can we move forward? With […]

Recruiting for Network Marketing: Hunting versus Fishing

Recruiting for Network Marketing; Hunting versus Fishing Which is the best strategy to grow your business? Hunting versus fishing when recruiting for Network Marketing? Do we stalk our prospects like a hunter? Or, do we lure our prospects in like a fisherman? It’s either let the prospect “get in” or “let in” but not both. […]

The Quality of Your Reps Will Determine the Quality of Your Business

The Quality of Your Reps Will Determine the Quality of Your Business H2 – sub title (adjust “weight”) The quality of your reps will make a difference on and determine the quality of your network marketing business. Don’t believe me? Try this… Sign up a bunch of whiners, people who have no vision other than […]

How My Experience in Medical Coding Launched My Own Network Marketing Business

My Story How my experience in Medical Coding launched my Network Marketing career! My story begins with working for years in medical coding, an experience that drove me to find something better, which ended up being Network Marketing. But I am getting ahead of the story. I need to begin my story in July of […]