How to talk to the four color personalities about Network Marketing

The Secret Languages for Network Marketing How to talk to the four color personalities Different personality types are more recently described using four colors. Each “color” requires a different language but, don’t worry, it is easy to learn! We must learn to talk yellow, green, blue and red personalities in Network Marketing, embracing them all. […]

The Quieter We Become the More We Can Hear our Prospects

Check out our books on Amazon The Quieter We Become, the More We Can Hear our Prospects Asking question and listening are critical skills. What is everyone’s favorite subject? Why, themselves, of course. And that is why asking questions and listening are critical skills.  Prospects will tell us a lot if we remain silent. They […]

How to Sell High-Ticket Items to Different Prospects without Rejection

The Rejection Free way to Sell our prospects a High-Ticket Item In Network Marketing this is usually an option to get better value with various starter packs. In this Facebook Live, Keith Schreiter explains how to sell a high-ticket item. that you couldn’t sell? Want to know the secret of how to sell high-ticket items […]

The Four Color Personalities of Recruiting for Network Marketing

The Four Color Personalities that we deal with while we are Recruiting in Network Marketing Moving people and getting them to see what you see about network marketing requires knowing something about the four color personalities of recruiting. Ever had a prospect who needed your product or opportunity and turned you down? We’ve all been […]