I Am Just Curious if You Are Curious

I Am Just Curious . . . The magic way to ask people personal questions in a way where they just answer naturally. Using the phrase “I am just curious” is magic when talking to prospects. The prospects automatically open their minds and are willing to listen. Curiosity is the most basic instinct for our […]

Christmas Holiday Opening Sentences for Network Marketers

Opening Sentences for Christmas How to start a Network Marketing conversation during the holidays! Christmas is upon us. Those of us who are in Network Marketing don’t realize this is the perfect time of the year to practice our Christmas holiday opening sentences. What do I mean?  Prospects surround us, especially during the holidays.  We […]

A Retirement Plan for Planning A Prospect’s Retirement

Providing your prospect with early retirement? All we do is give people options but they rarely expect this! Most prospects are not expecting Network Marketing to give them an option for early retirement. They were just hoping to earn more money short term. Statistics show most prospects will not be ready for retirement. — 67% […]

Afraid to Talk to Intimidating Prospects about Your Offers?

Afraid to Talk about Network Marketing with Intimidating Prospects? Afraid to talk to intimidating prospects about your Network Marketing offer? Let’s get comfortable and uncomfortable selling. If you are afraid to talk to intimidating prospects, get comfortable and relax. We’ve got covered. We all have intimidating contacts. — The aunt who questions everything we say […]