The Telephone Conversation Script Opening Sentence for Prospects

The Phone Script with a great Opening Sentence for Prospects! Phone skills are super important in Network Marketing. Many new distributors suffer when it comes time to call prospects and it doesn’t help that they don’t know what to say. What new distributors need is a phone script to help them, with good opening sentence. […]

Highly Effective MLM Prospecting Script to Closing

Highly Effective Closing skills for Network Marketing Since no one succeeds in this business without getting YES decisions, knowing some closing skills —meaning questions that are not salesy or pushy AND really effective —might be a critical skill in Network Marketing, yes? The most important task after getting a prospect interested in your opportunity or […]

Four Simple Invitation Requests to Your MLM Opportunity

4 Simple ways to invite prospects to look at your Network Marketing business opportunity. Like any Network Marketing professional, you will need to learn some skills. These skills will help you achieve success and prosperity in your MLM business opportunity. One, of the key skills you need to master is the “art of invitation in […]

The Easy Method to Building MLM Recruiting Scripts

Check out our books on Amazon The Easy Method for building Network Marketing Recruiting Scripts Network Marketing scripts are easy to create when you know this simple formula. This video and its corresponding blog post are not typical. In fact this is a-typical. This is about building your own network marketing recruiting scripts  for both […]

Easy Ways to Neutralizing Objections in Network Marketing

Easy Ways to Neutralize Objections in Network Marketing Overcoming objections through posturing! In a previous post, I covered rebutting objections in network marketing through posturing. I spoke about the need for positioning yourself where you have the upper hand over your prospect because you bring value to the table while he or she brings none. […]