Do We Need to Experience the Products We Sell?

Do Prospects Need to Experience the Products? Can new recruits succeed in Network Marketing without trying the products? The answer is “YES.” Do we need to experience the products that make it impossible to experience? Some circumstances prevent us. — Women hygiene products because we are males. — Testosterone products because we are females. — […]

The Path of Least Resistance Sells Products and Opportunity Every Time

The Path of Least Resistance Sells the Products & Opportunity Every Time What is the path of least resistance? People will buy our products & opportunity when they’re the easy paths to move forward on Let me give you an example; imagine you are ‘starving’ and crave for a burger. It’s cheaper to buy the […]

Products to Purchase when Joining a Network Marketing Opportunity

How to get people who are joining Network Marketing to Purchase the products! This is the first step when someone joins. Choosing which products to purchase when you join a network marketing opportunity is the first step to take toward success in the business. One of the problems with new distributors is getting them to […]