Discover the Untapped Power of LinkedIn for Network Marketing

Discover the Untapped Power of LinkedIn for Network Marketing LinkedIn is the lone ranger among social media platforms. If you want leaders in your Network Marketing business, discover the untapped power of LinkedIn for Network Marketing. Most Network Marketers know little of what LinkedIn can do for their business. Even the giants in our industry […]

Fake It till You Make it Leads to Flaky Success

Why the “Fake It till You Make it” strategy is should not be used! And how to get more Network Mark.eting success with a smarter strategy   Fake It till You Make It Fake it till you make it…. Faking success in Network Marketing is the most common strategy of new distributors. The problem? It […]

Finding Problems Worth Solving on Social Media with Trained Words

Just because you are on social media does not mean you cannot find Problems Worth Solving! Just learn a few Trained Words! Our job is to solve problems. The more problems we can solve, the more money we will make. We must master finding problems worth solving. When we find problems with prospects on social […]

Sponsoring People Anywhere and Anytime and Anyplace with Four Steps

Sponsoring People Anywhere – Anytime – with 4 Simple Steps Four steps to sponsoring people are all it takes. Four simple steps to instant success. What steps should we give our new team members? — Rapport. — Ice-breakers. — Closing. — Presentation. These four steps in sequence are the steps to successfully sponsor anybody, anytime, […]

Post on Social Media to Get Great Results without Blasting Our Offers

How to post on Social Media to get great results! Just do not blast your offer. Social media is— social. So be social instead of posting offers (all the wrong things). You will turn people off by blasting daily business about the opportunity or how great the products are. They want us to be social […]

Stop Wasting Your Time with Me because Your Products are Too Expensive

Your Products are Too Expensive! And other things that you may occasionally hear. Ever had a prospect say “Your products are too expensive” or something like “It costs too much“? If what you said was to effective, this post is for you. To make the point about price, let’s start with a story: A friend […]

Answer Three Questions and You Learn the Secret of How to Sponsor and Recruit

Answer 3 questions and you can master recruiting

Answer Three Questions & You Will Learn the Secret of Recruiting If you can answer three questions, you can sponsor and recruit. Everybody can remember three questions. Answer me these three questions and see how easy it works. Do you have a problem? Do you want to fix the problem? Can we move forward? With […]

Social Media Posts for Fun and Profit that Grow Your Business

Social Media Posts for Fun and Profit that Grow Your Business What is the hardest part of using social media posts? It is finding what works effectively to get prospects engaged. Prospect engagement helps grow your business. Engaging social media posts must contain value that helps people. Here are the rules of posting on social […]

Getting the Cost of Network Marketing Out of the Way and Upfront

Deal with the Cost of Network Marketing in the beginning of the presentation! “How much does it cost?” Dealing with “how much does it cost” upfront makes it easy to give a presentation. Without getting the cost out of way, the presentation won’t matter. You are talking on social media with the perfect prospect. You’ve said […]

Duplication in Network Marketing Does Not Work

Duplication in Network Marketing doesn’t work! Let’s talk “results” rather than type of “activity!” You’ve heard phrases like this being said — “It only matters what duplicates.” And I posted this to say; duplication in Network Marketing does not work. Why duplication in Network Marketing does not work? *Saul is so handsome that women to […]