Tom BIG AL Schreiter & the Sponsoring Test

Tom BIG AL Schreiter; a respected Network Marketing Trainer

Standing on the shoulders of giants Tom BIG AL Schreiter has been my mentor since 1997! One way of achieving success is by standing on the shoulders of giants and one such giant, by the name of Tom BIG AL Schreiter, explains a key to sponsoring that you will love. Before I explain the question, I […]

Text Marketing for Network Marketing

Text Marketing for Network Marketing What is the one activity everybody enjoys? Texting! Everybody loves texting. Network Marketers love text marketing for their business. You wake up at midnight. Instead of tossing and turning in your sleep, you open your cell phone and start texting. Since we are Network Marketing, we don’t want to waste […]

Sponsoring People Anywhere and Anytime and Anyplace with Four Steps

Sponsoring People Anywhere – Anytime – with 4 Simple Steps Four steps to sponsoring people are all it takes. Four simple steps to instant success. What steps should we give our new team members? — Rapport. — Ice-breakers. — Closing. — Presentation. These four steps in sequence are the steps to successfully sponsor anybody, anytime, […]

Answer Three Questions and You Learn the Secret of How to Sponsor and Recruit

Answer Three Questions & You Will Learn the Secret of Recruiting If you can answer three questions, you can sponsor and recruit. Everybody can remember three questions. Answer me these three questions and see how easy it works. Do you have a problem? Do you want to fix the problem? Can we move forward? With […]