Make a Simple eBook to Pre-Sell Your Prospects

Crack Cocaine for the Prospect's Brain eBook cover

Make a Simple eBook & generate leads! Giveaway an eBook to attract prospects. Many professional Network Marketers make a simple eBook and present it to accumulate leads. The technique is motivating and simple. Make a simple eBook on things that will help solve people’s problems. If you don’t want to make a simple eBook, you […]

Can I Tell You a Secret about Storytelling in Network Marketing

Can I Tell You a Secret about Storytelling in Network Marketing? Can I tell you a secret? The country western singer George Strait wrote a song Love Without End, Amen. It starts off with, “Let me tell you a secret about a father’s love.” Then he goes on to share the secret… the story about […]

Short Stories to Counteract Pushback and Resistant from Our Prospects

Short Stories to Counteract Resistance from some Prospects Some people are stubborn others are resistant. The frown on their faces with their arms folded tells us we may be in for a rough ride … unless we counteract them with short stories. Here is a phrase which will make things better: “Here is the short […]

How My Experience in Medical Coding Launched My Own Network Marketing Business

My Story How my experience in Medical Coding launched my Network Marketing career! My story begins with working for years in medical coding, an experience that drove me to find something better, which ended up being Network Marketing. But I am getting ahead of the story. I need to begin my story in July of […]

Real Life Stories the Testimony the Presentation

Real Life Stories are better than Presentations. Testimonies beat presentations every day! Ever seen real life stories at a network marketing meeting change a disgruntle prospect into one who joins gladly? How about stories moving people to tears? Real life stories about what a product or the opportunity has done with changing lives are powerful […]

Branding a Product with Your Story

Use Your Story to Brand a Product Learn to use this effective Network Marketing skill Branding a Product Branding a product is the process of creating an image in the customer’s mind which they associate with to attract and retain their loyalty. One of the most common mistakes in building network marketing is talking about […]

The Power of Stories Strategies to Build Network Marketing

The Power of Stories: Strategies to Build Network Marketing With the power of stories, they influence people to believe you. How much more powerful can you get than that? With a story, you can nullify sales resistance. Stories are easily remembered. Stories are fun to listen to. The power of stories are seen in how […]