Four Things Not to Do to a Prospect by a Network Marketer

4 Ways to kill your Prospect’s interest in Network Marketing Don’t do these things under any circumstances! There are 4 ways to totally kill your prospect’s interest in Network Marketing Any of the 4 may be enough to ruin the potential of our industry for a prospect.  A story of the four things not to do […]

Who Should Be in Network Marketing and Who Should Not

Who Should join Network Marketing and Who Shouldn’t? The answer of the question of who should be in network marketing and who shouldn’t has a brilliant and surprising? We discover the answer by asking yet another question; what group of people make are the best in network marketing? The reality is everyone should be in […]

Learning from Network Marketing Events

Learning at Network Marketing Events H2 – sub title (adjust “weight”) If you are involved in any Network Marketing company, you are encouraged to go to their events, like regionals and the annual convention. But is that a good use of time? Well, they are fun and can be exciting.  If you attend. you can […]

Your Network Marketing Business is a Business Requiring Your Attention

Your Network Marketing Business is a Business Requiring Your Attention Your network marketing business is a business. Treat it daily like a real business requiring your attention. Treating it like a hobby trying it out to see if it makes you money is the culprit of failure. Hobbyist quit because they are never committed. The best […]

Recruit Professionals to be MLM Biz Builders

Recruit Professionals to be Network Marketing Business Builders Would you like to sign up at least two professionals in the next seven days to be your newest MLM biz builders? Would you like those people to be doctors, lawyers, financial planners, real estate advisors and “hard to reach” professionals? These questions apply equally to the […]