Get to the Point in the First Few Seconds

Please, get to the point in the first few seconds! If you don’t you will ruin it for your prospect! Prospects live busy lives and all of our brains are hardwired to make decisions quickly anyway. So, we must get to the point with prospects swiftly. You may want to check out this post that […]

Fake It till You Make it Leads to Flaky Success

Why the “Fake It till You Make it” strategy is should not be used! And how to get more Network Mark.eting success with a smarter strategy   Fake It till You Make It Fake it till you make it…. Faking success in Network Marketing is the most common strategy of new distributors. The problem? It […]

A Retirement Plan for Planning A Prospect’s Retirement

Providing your prospect with early retirement? All we do is give people options but they rarely expect this! Most prospects are not expecting Network Marketing to give them an option for early retirement. They were just hoping to earn more money short term. Statistics show most prospects will not be ready for retirement. — 67% […]

Overcoming the Poor Attention Span of a Gnat in Our Prospects’ Minds

Overcoming the Poor Attention Span of Our Prospects Their attention span is that of a gnat! Two problems exist for most prospects. Their poor attention — approximately equivalent to that of a gnat. And the long-winded presentations of most opportunities. Can you figure how where things go wrong? Prospects are confused before we start our […]