Marketing with Business Cards in Network Marketing

Using Business Cards in Network Marketing Can you use them as part of your marketing? What about using business cards to attract prospects in network marketing? Should network marketers use them? If so, how should cards for business be designed? If not, why not? I’m not a huge fan of most personal business cards for […]

Network Marketing Scripts for Cold Calling Recruiting

Network Marketing Scripts for Cold Calling What is a Network Marketing recruiting script?   Great! Another cold marketing prospecting script. Just what I need. Aren’t there enough of network marketing scripts on the internet already? Well, yes, there are. But the quality of those scripts may be in question. Most cold calling recruiting uses scripts that […]

Easy Ways to Neutralizing Objections in Network Marketing

Easy Ways to Neutralize Objections in Network Marketing Overcoming objections through posturing! In a previous post, I covered rebutting objections in network marketing through posturing. I spoke about the need for positioning yourself where you have the upper hand over your prospect because you bring value to the table while he or she brings none. […]