A Good Reason Makes the Difference for Prospects to Say Yes

Give your prospects a Good Reason to say Yes! This tip could be a real Difference-maker in terms of your Network Marketing success Want a tip that will make you wealthy? Give your prospects a good reason why they should buy and join. That’s it! Pure and simple. A good reason why works well because […]

Preclosing is Getting Yes Decisions Before the Presentation

Preclosing is the art of getting Yes Decisions before the Presentation! Preclosing is getting YES decisions before the presentation. Getting YES decisions from the prospects before looking at our information is how we get paid. We don’t get paid for getting prospects to look at our videos, listen to our audio files and go to […]

Can You Recruit 100 People in One Week?

How many people can you Recruit in One Week? It’s all about belief & skills in Network Marketing Belief is important. Speaking trained words are important. But if you have belief and trained words, can you recruit 100 people in one week? Many Network Marketers think BELIEF is meat and potatoes, and speaking trained words […]

Get to the Point in the First Few Seconds

Please, get to the point in the first few seconds! If you don’t you will ruin it for your prospect! Prospects live busy lives and all of our brains are hardwired to make decisions quickly anyway. So, we must get to the point with prospects swiftly. You may want to check out this post that […]

Pre-suasion is the Warm-Up to Maximize Persuasion

Pre-suasion is the Warm-Up to Maximize Persuasion Our job is to get YES decisions. YES decisions make us money. NO decisions keep us broke. Pre-suasion is the warm-up to the persuasion that get us the YES decisions we are after. The prospect makes YES and NO decisions. YES decisions for our business moves the prospect […]

What Would Happen If We Open Our Prospect’s Imagination?

What Happens when we open our Prospect’s Imagination? What would happen if we start with great opening first sentences? that  Prospects would lean forward and make instant YES decisions. What would happen if we start with a second sentence. Prospects would be thinking about the bad first sentence to hear anything good in our second […]

Negative Things to Say to Motivate Prospects to Make YES Decisions

Negative Things you can Say that Motivate Prospects to Make YES Decisions Network Marketing teaches us to be positive and to say positive things. So, initially it sounds shocking to suggest negative things you can say will motivate prospects to make yes decisions. However, they do! Fear of loss and avoiding pain are powerful motivators. […]

Two Power Words that Get Prospects to Listen Closely

Two POWER WORDS that get prospects to listen! There are many power words and phrases. Two power words among the rest stand out. They let our prospects know to listen closely. — Our compensation plan has several bonuses. Two bonuses are crowd-pleasers, which means you can have a monthly paycheck for car payments and a […]

Get YES Decisions from Prospects in Less than 60 Seconds with Brain Science

Get your Prospects to say “Yes!” Just understand the latest Brain Science & it’s automatic! Get YES decisions from prospects. That is our job. Getting YES decisions from prospects to buy our products or join our business is for many new reps like chewing on nails. Very few new reps want to do it. When […]

Yes Decisions Before the Presentation are the Secret to Closing at the End

Yes Decisions Before the Presentation are the Secret to Closing at the End YES decisions for us or NO decisions against us are made by prospects in the first seven seconds upon meeting us. Our jobs are to get positive decisions from prospects in the first seven seconds. The first decision the prospect makes about […]