The Easy Method to Building MLM Recruiting Scripts

The Easy Method to Building MLM Recruiting Scripts

The Easy Method to Building MLM Recruiting Scripts

Yesterday, I talked about using the right kinds of questions in a script to recruit from your cold market.

Today, I’m going to speak about how you can build your own MLM recruiting scripts.

How would you like to get into the script building business where you make money on the side of your network marketing company just by building ready-made scripts for people?

Would you like to play with the “big dogs” in network marketing by putting together your own scripts or calls to recruit a massive downline? These “gurus” have found the secret to recruiting the large numbers of people they recruit into their company by using scripts they create, and they don’t stray from them.

Yes, the gurus do use scripts, and they use them effectively. They build their own MLM scripts tailored designed to fit various situations on the fly. They know their own network marketing company scripts don’t always work in the real world.

What about the free ones? I know there are many MLM scripts free out there, and you get what you pay for. Generic scripts don’t always work for your market.

The Best MLM Prospecting Scripts Are Those You Create

The MLM recruiting scripts you will create from the principles and guides you’re about to use will be found no other place on the internet. You’ll be building your own scripts that the top leaders in network marketing will slobber all over themselves to get.

This article is full of hard hitting powerful and easy ways to building MLM recruiting scripts sought after by friend and foe alike.

Caution: If you are new to network marketing, the network marketing scripts you’re about to build may not be well received by your upline. However, you’ll soon see as you advance in your company that you’ll want new, fresh and more specific scripts to help you find your voice, or to start a new recruiting system, or to finally go after better, but harder prospects.

Sometimes company-made network marketing scripts don’t fit with your personality, and by building your own, you’ll find what fits you.

A book by Neil Rackham, SPIN Selling, talks about four different types of questions.

Up until the 80’s when SPIN Selling was first published, selling was very cold and impersonal, without involvement in the client’s needs, wants, problems and desires. SPIN Selling pioneered a new era of selling where the salesman became involved in finding ways its products, services and opportunities can solve problems of the prospect. This has catapulted the sales game further than it would have gone if it were not for this book.

SPIN stands for:

Situation Questions

Problem Questions

Implication Questions

Need-Payoff Questions

That’s where the term SPIN is derived. It is the use of these types of questions by which you can build your own scripts so that you can be even more prepared in your prospecting and recruiting calls for your business. The quality of your questions make a significant impact on the results you get with people.

MLM prospecting would fall flat without these questions. This MLM recruiting done for you. Todd Falcone in his Fearless Networking offers one of the best “SPIN’s” in use with this technique for MLM and network marketing.

Situation Questions

This type of question deals with those circumstances and situations that the prospect is presently experiencing. Here are examples of these types of questions.

“What are you currently doing for work?”

“Do you plan to stay in this type of work for the next 10 years?”

“Are you saving enough for retirement from work?”

Problem Questions

Problem questions uncover the prospect’s pain and dissatisfaction and focus on that pain or dissatisfaction while helping to clarify exactly what that problem is. This provides you a better understanding of how your products, services and opportunity can help resolve the problems.

Examples include:

“Do you like to work where you’re at?”

“Do they pay you enough to make you excited to get up every day to go to work?”

“Are you living pay-check to pay-check, or are you saving any money?”

Implication Questions

Implication questions take the problems derived from the Problem Questions and explore their consequences and effects on the prospect before taking action to resolve them.

Here are a few examples of Implication Questions.

“Do you think you’ll ever be in a place again where going to work is exciting for you and you look forward to it?”

“Has working so many hours affected your family life?”  

“What happens when you retire or get laid off and haven’t saved any money?”

Need-Payoff Questions     

The goal here is to paint a picture of “what could be with your solution.” These type of questions gets the prospect to tell you the needs, wants and desires and the benefits that your products, services and opportunities offer, rather than having them to explain it.

Here are a few Need-Payoff Questions:

“How would you feel if you got up every morning and were excited to get up and start working?”

“How would you feel if you had complete time and freedom and could work when and where you wanted, without ever having to report again?”

“If you could make an extra thousand dollars a month, how would that help you in saving for retirement?”

Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together

Let’s put the puzzle pieces together in this simple format, so you can see how these questions might work for you in building your own script. If you want additional questions to fill in the spaces, refer to my Network Marketing Scripts for Cold Market Recruiting.

You: (Situation Question) “Tell me more about your job.”

Prospect: “Well…I’ve been working there for about 15 years. It’s pretty good, but I’ve hit the top of my pay scale.”

You: (Situation Question) “How many hours a week are you working right now?”

Prospect: “Most weeks I put in about 50 hours and I commute an hour in each direction.”

You: (Problem Question) “Does working so many hours and being gone so long ever get frustrating to you?”

Prospect: “It’s frustrating all the time, to be honest with you.”

You: (Problem Question) “I bet…that’s a lot of time away from home. Has working so many hours affected your family life at all?”

Prospect: “My wife hates the fact that I’m gone so much. And I hate that I only see my kids for a few minutes every night before they go to bed.”

You: (Implication Question) “Ouch. How would you feel if you had complete time freedom and could work when and where you wanted and could spend a lot of time at home with your family?”

Prospect: “Are you kidding me? If I could be home with my family more and not have to work so hard, I’d be the happiest man alive!”

You: (Need-Payoff Question) “If I could show you a plan to help you get your time back, make the same kind of money you’re making…if not more…and be able to see your wife and kids more often, is that something you’d like to see and be open to?

Prospect: Of course what is it?”

At this point in the conversation, you’d obviously schedule a time to present your opportunity to this person.

For those of you reading this who want to have every advantage possible, I hope this helps you to begin the venture of building your own scripts.

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