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Do not run an ad, buy leads/a targeted list or carry on for even one more day in a side hustle or bricks-and-mortar business until after you understand what's on this web page!

The Free Cheese Secret™ reveals what no other currently available side hustle book does. The fact that the real money in small businesses or a side hustles is not made the way you think!

Until you discover the secret revealed in the first 12 pages of this book, which is free, you really don’t have a road map to make the kind of money you can, let alone that you deserve. 

It is this simple; other business mentors and Direct Selling sponsors simple cannot teach this to you!

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There are many gurus online. Let me tell you what two types are teaching:

1)  How to use a funnel system to run ads that pay for themselves. This technique is very old in the world of direct response marketing and is known as The Self Funded Advertising Campaign. 

What are these gurus hiding when they pitch the use of a Self Funded Ad Campaign apart from the idea of using overpriced funnel systems? Well, the truth is you need money to start, which is often referred to as an “out of pocket cost” AND you need to be able to write ads too, which I will get to in a second.

Do you want to risk north of $500 and as much as $1000 only to find out that you have no real knack or gift for advertising? Really?

They might even tell you that you don’t need to write ads and this is bizarre!

If you follow that advice you are instantly turned into a copycat. They will have you use proven but abused headlines and funnel page ad copy that has already made its way around in terms of Facebook and Google ads, which means you will pay to advertise the same thing to the same audience!

In other words, your ads won’t pull as well and thus may not pay for themselves and now you not only paid for an overpriced funnel system, you did not get your money back from the ad spend.

You see ads on Facebook all the time that, when you look at them, are one or another version of what I have just described but put out by someone else. Then you never see that person run an ad again. Why? Because it did not do as well as the gurus promised it would.

The other clue about what these gurus teach is how their own ads keep changing. Why? Because it made its rounds and isn’t pulling any longer. And that tells you that you must be able to come up with creative ideas and write great ad copy to support them or your ad spend will pull less and less.

Now, I would argue that most people will never be great at copywriting. They may be logical thinkers and understand what the gurus are teaching but they are not naturally suited to develop into pro ad  creators, no matter how they may try to.

If only these gurus knew one more concept of marketing, they would be able to teach people who cannot become ad creators how to win in the world of Self Funded Marketing rather than Self Funded Ads.

Yes, a self funded ad is technically a subcategory of marketing. But let’s not get hung up on semantics for the moment and for the purpose of sharing the truth with you now.

The 2 concepts of marketing - taught in The Free Cheese Secret™

I am yet to read anyone teaching the use of funnel systems and self funded advaertising that even knows about the fact that there is a marketing backend.  

Online social media gurus know the word monetizing but they do not know the backend well. Some of them run features ads in their YouTube videos, by sponsors, some even sell various goods made by suppliers to their industry, which gets them an affiliate marketing profit but that is the extent of their knowledge.

A self funded ad campaign or self funded marketing can be paid for BEFORE a dime is spent. And, if it is, there is zero risk to you.

So would it be okay if I taught you how to get others to pay for your leads or ads or both so you have absolutely no risk whatsoever?

If you are already excited as you read these words, make sure that you do not have a hear t condition before you read any further. Or, if you do, go for a walk before you finish this because that is just the tip of the iceberg!

The backend is the submerged portion of the iceberg, in that it is vast - this is taught in The Free Cheese Secret™

You don’t need to advertise. You don’t need to pay for your marketing. And there is so much profit potential in the backend that it literally cannot be known by any one master marketer (including Smiling Steve™).

The gurus that are teaching the rudiment of self funded advertising do not know that self funded marketing works just as well, which means you do not need to run ads.

They do not know that an ad or marketing campaign can be paid for up front. And;

They do not have the faintest idea of what the true backend is.

To clue them in (if they ever read this), the ad is not paid for by selling a training product or signing people up in an overpriced funnel system (for the affiliate profit) or signing them up as a Direct Selling Rep (or in Network Marketing).

The ad is paid for upfront by asking “who else sells to my customers and prospects?”

You will get this when you read The Free Cheese Secret™. And the first 12 pages that contain the secret well described are free. I do not want anyone to go without this information if they are temporarily broke!

Now let’s get into other main category  of what is taught by gurus.

Why no social media posting is required or taught in The Free Cheese Secret™

2) Download a 365 day social media posting plan that will massively increase engagement, it’s free!

Umm . . so your life is crazy busy already with a  busy business or side hustle and now you need to post 365 days of the year in social media to get engagement to get new business? Nope!

You do not have to. Period.

In addition, engagement means time to reply to people. No, more than that, it means a part time job of replying to people. It means work with no guarantee that this work will produce the return in the form of new business to make it worth while.

On top of everything else do you really want to spend every extra minute on social media just to grow a business?

The real reason why people offer this type of thing online for free is because it is a lead magnet to draw in those who are desperate to grow their business or side hustle. 

The real reason why they they offer this lead magnet is so that they can teach you #1 above, which is the self funded ad campaign, or; get you as a mentoring client who pays every month! 

It is a trap.

For most busy people the answer IS NOT posting on social media to increase engagement. even though you will find lots of people who think it is.

The worst pat is, those who do believe it will say: “in my experience this works.”

Yes, you can increase engagement but what it does not do is guarantee new business. In other words, “engagement” is another word for more work.

Once you experience using their system of posting content, you know how much time it takes and that makes it easier to tell you that you don’t need to spend all that time posting and engaging on social media if you use an over priced funnel system and a self funded ad campaign.

No, they do not use the words “over priced” when they talk about a funnel. Instead they tell you how amazing the training is and how it makes a profit, which lulls you into paying more for a system, essentially so you will buy low quality training.

Why is it low quality? Because they do not get the backend or that they can fund their ads without selling the people who respond anything. And, without running into debt on their credit cards!

Actually, the quality of what they teach is good. It may be misleading at times  — they do not accurately represent the outlay or fact that not everyone can write copy or create new ideas to market the same stuff when one way is exhausted online — and very limited. 

They do not get what is taught in Low Tech High Check™ (another smaller version of The Free Cheese Secret™ that is free to download), that all of the above can be done with fresh leads and no ad campaign, which means even someone who cannot write ad copy can self fund their marketing.

Really they get the very thin edge of the wedge of knowledge. And the rest of the pie is unknown to them!

Actually, if they were not vested in making most of their money from the over price funnel system, they would not say that leads do not work.

Do not get me wrong, I never talk to anyone who does not want to talk to me. And with what I do I do not even have to line up appointments. Not only that, I don’t pay for it either!

Intrigued? You should be.

The Free Cheese Secret™ book is 70 pages of terrific information, including some case studies (these should not be broken down too much until after you know the concept better). In addition, anyone who purchases the entire book for $37 gets a lifetime of case studies and ideas from Smiling Steve™. However, you can get the main concept in the 1st twelve pages, for free.

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