The Free Cheese Secret

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The Free Cheese Secret™ reveals a few secrets about making money in business, marketing and human nature. And all of them will help you make more money no matter what your part small business does.

The Free Cheese Secret™ book

One of those little known facts is indeed a strange secret indeed!

You see, people starving for an answer to a big time problem — how to make money online or how to find prospects for Network Marketing or anything for that matter — that believes they have discovered a source of good information, can’t get seem to get enough.

They will crave more from that source (assuming the marketer offers it correctly) until they get either enough or decide that the source is not the right one after all. And, sometimes, if th4 source is good enough, even after they succeed they keep on consuming content from that person or people.

It’s both bizarre and true.

In fact, so powerful is the allure in our psyche to “hear the story” and learn someone who has unique or powerful information, that some sellers of info will prey on this like it is a weakness!

This marketing book reveals not only how to use this strange secret but how to do it without abusing those who want to learn.

The online version of Bait & Switch is not cool. And, again, so powerful is this information that it can be used the wrong way, which is part of what is covered in the book.

The book is 70 pages of terrific information and case studies. Plus, anyone who purchases the entire book for $37 gets a lifetime of case studies and ideas from Smiling Steve™.

To order a copy of the first 12 pages for free, which contain the main principles in the book, simply fill in the form below and one will be forwarded to you in PDF format.

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