The Power of Stories Strategies to Build Network Marketing

The Power of Stories Strategies to Build Network Marketing

“The Power of Stories: Strategies to Build Network Marketing”

The Power of Stories

With the power of stories, you can influence people to believe you.

With a story, you can nullify sales resistance. Stories are easily remembered. Stories are fun to listen to. The power of stories gets people to act, because they are programmed to listen and respond to stories.

The power of stories in marketing is a far better tool to prospect people with than presenting information about residual income, compensation percentages, incredible research and other boring items. Stories are the best way to communicate to a prospect.

To be more professional, all we have to do is stop doing fact-filled presentations and simply tell our information through the power of stories. A famous “the power of stories quotes” by Dr. Frank Luntz is, “It is not what we say, it is what people hear that matters.”

The Power of Stories to Educate the Heart
If you want to get a young person or couple to join your network marketing business, get to the point and bypass detailed information with a better story. The story doesn’t have to be long, but it must be good. Stories that pluck at the heart strings of the prospect and are true have the greatest power to get them to act.

For example, I went to this network marketing presentation. I noticed there weren’t any woman, which is unusual since network marketing can’t survive without them.

When I inquired why there weren’t any women present, they said when we told them that this was network marketing and required a lot of “hard, strong work” to get it going, they didn’t want to attend.

No wonder they didn’t want to attend. They were telling the wrong story. By suggesting this business entailed “hard, strong work,” it left the impression with those women that network marketing required strong, physical labor designed for men.

Well, to women who are not used to strong, physical labor, this story did not motivate them. The power of stories is effective one way or the other. Remember, words matter. It’s not what people say, it’s what people hear that matters.

Dale’s story. I worked in corporate American for years, living under an unbearable boss that crushed my dreams every day I went into the office. One day I went to a network marketing presentation by a friend. I listened. I was moved by his story.

I made the decision that day to change my life. I wasn’t a success over night; but less than a year into it, I was able to fire my boss and walk away, and live off my network marketing business from working only 15 hours a week at night.

That’s a way to tell your story. Within it lies the power of stories to fuel innovation. It’s so simple and to the point that anyone can understand it, and it’s true and good. We don’t have to convince anyone, sell anyone, or plead our case.

I joined network marketing because of the power of stories. There were no three hours of facts presented, only my friend and soon to be sponsor’s story that persuaded me to join. I’ve used my story and got people to join.

Here’s a story I hope to hear from all of you with jobs:

“I got into network marketing six months ago.

Last week, I walked into my boss’ office, plopped my feet upon his desk to emphasize what I was about to say to him. I folded my hands behind my head calmly told the boss that I can’t fit him into my schedule any longer. I’ve enjoyed working here but it’s time I moved on. If you need me, call me on Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 p.m. at my normal consulting rate.

I left my boss’ office with him trying to put his jaw back into place, picked up my belongings, waved goodbye to all my fellow-workers who said it couldn’t be done, hopped into my brand new car and headed to bank to withdraw $20,000.00 to buy my spouse that special gift. I went home, gave the gift and sat down in my easy chair and relaxed.”

That is the power of stories, the power to get people believing. Successful network marketers are great story tellers. Most of the top leaders and earners are awesome at telling stories. Shouldn’t you be a great storyteller?

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