The Secret to Network Marketing Success

The Secret to Network Marketing Success

“The Secret to Network Marketing Success”

What is the right way to build your network marketing business…to create network marketing success?

One of the biggest problems facing network marketers is leadership tries to force everyone in their downline into a specific methodology for building a business under the guise of “duplication.”

I believe the only right way to build a business is the way that’s right for you.

It’s having the freedom to build your MLM business according to your strengths, instead of trying to change you to fit the mold of your company, leadership or upline?

For every 3 out of 10 network marketing success stories, there are 7 out of 10 stories of utter failure.

One of the main reasons for failure in network marketing is leadership trying to fit square pegs into round holes.

How can you put multiple individuals with different personalities, strengths and weaknesses and try to fit them into a single “duplicable system” if you don’t allow for their own freedom of expression and creativity?

You can’t and it doesn’t work.

Why would you put an introvert who shudders at the thought of speaking to others and selling something into the role of an extrovert that likes to sell and likes to speak? Or why would you put an extrovert in an introvert’s role?

It is cruel and by doing so, you can easily lose that person.

What truly works for network marketing success is allowing people to be the problem solvers and dream fulfillers for others.

That’s what real network marketing is about, and what will reward you greatly.

Psychologically, people are built with this need to help others solve their problems and fulfill their needs.

Why not build your duplicable system around this ready-made instinct in each and every person who joins network marketing and let them find their own creativity in fulfilling this role?

Network Marketing Success Tips

Network marketing success is as easy as showing people how to do something in or with network marketing.

It’s how to solve a problem …

For network marketers, it’s about how to solve the problem to generate leads … prospect a cold market … build a monetized blog … be personally trained by the top earners, leaders and experts in the industry, etc. … (the list goes on).

For prospects it’s about how to solve the problem of getting them out of debt … firing their boss … having freedom of time with their family … having the money for that family vacation, etc., … verses them buying into your network marketing opportunities.

Your network marketing success rate will increase with each new problem you solve for a person.

Let me illustrate.

One of the most successful companies that makes millions through television advertisement is Americus Diamond.

Why are they the most successful diamond dealer on the planet and not others?

It’s because they do not sell diamonds.

That’s correct…they DO NOT sell diamonds.

They instead sell a way for people to find the right diamond for their needs.

They give away for free an hour training course on national television on how to pick out the right diamond.

They help people solve a problem of finding the right diamond for that special someone. That sells while selling diamonds directly leads to bankruptcy.

Here’s another illustration.

If you want to sell drills, you do not advertise the drill. You advertise a training course on the fastest, easiest and most efficient way to drill holes using the drill.

If you want to sell your network marketing opportunity, you do not advertise your opportunity.

Instead, you show people how to solve problems having to do with network marketing, and money no longer will be your problem.

People don’t care about your network marketing opportunity.

They haven’t been waiting in line all their lives to be an MLM distributor so why should it surprise you when they say “no thanks?”

What they care about is you taking an interest in their problems … whether it be lack of money, or time with their family, or having a crushing JOB, or not being able to take their family on vacation, etc.

Your job as a TRUE network marketer is to position yourself as the solution to the problem.

Face it, you didn’t get into network marketing because you wanted your own business … you actually wanted more money, more time, etc.

People don’t want your opportunity …. They want the benefits and value that it can provide them to solve their problem, relieve their pain and fulfill their desires.

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