The Six Types of Communication for Building a Business

The Six Types of Communication for Building a Business

The Six Types of Communication for Building a Business

The Six Types of Communication

Different types of communication exist. We have to talk to prospects. So, why not talk at the highest level of communication?

Talking at someone is level one communication. It’s one-way communication. Texts, email, messaging on social media sites are level one communication. Visuals are absent. We can’t see the prospect’s body language, and they can’t see ours. Many times, level one communication can be misunderstood.

Talking at someone is level two communication. What’s better than text messages? A website. The company videos. A brochure. At least we can include some graphics and some “Talking head” videos. See the problem. Like level one communication, level two communication is one-way communication.

Two-way communication is level three communication. This sounds better than level one and level two communication. A live telephone with a prospect is two-way communication. We can give our message. We hear the tone of voice. We can listen to feedback. We can clear up misunderstanding. We can answer our prospect’s questions.

Two-way communication via video is level four communication. Body language and tonality are critical for communication. Non-verbal communication is huge. Video conferencing breaks through level one to level three communication. We can see a slight smile or a nod when prospects agree with us. We can see eyes roll or a smirk from prospects when they disagree with us.

Two-way communication in person is level five communication. We can meet someone and bond with each other instantly. We can build relationships. Humans are social. We like relationships. Social media platforms speak to our social nature. They allow us to connect.

Two-way communication in person over food is level six communication. For centuries people have bonded at banquets. There is a special communication when we meet someone in person over food. The simple act of sharing a meal guarantees a pleasant and polite two-way conversation.

All six types of communication are valid. Always choose the highest level of communication that is available to us.

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