The Telephone Conversation Script Opening Sentence for Prospects

The Telephone Conversation Script Opening Sentence for Prospects

“The Telephone Conversation Script Opening Sentence for Prospects”

The Telephone Conversation Script

Most new distributors are intimidated by the telephone. They don’t know what to say. New distributors need the telephone conversation script to help them but they can’t seem to find a good opening sentence.

New distributors know that a bad first opening sentence can doom them. They are afraid of saying the wrong thing.

The telephone conversation script most new distributors use is, “Hey, my name is Joe Prospector. I would like to show you how you can build a nice part-time income.”

This statement may work well for some distributors, but not for others.

Believing is One-Half the Battle

Many times, it is not so much WHAT you say, but HOW you say it.

For a telephone conversation example, suppose a sleazy car salesman said, “I would like to show you how you can build a nice part-time income.”

It would not be too effective, would it?

Suppose a three-year old child said,

“I would like to show you how you can build a nice part-time income.”

The prospect wouldn’t respond favorably, even though the right words were said. The prospect would be thinking that the three-year old child doesn’t have credibility.

The telephone script conversation by the sleazy car salesman and the three-year old may have all the right words but the credibility factor is lacking.

The telephone conversation script can be believable when you it comes through in your voice. The prospect immediately FEELS who you are and what you believe. And that feeling is more important than the actual words you use.

Many of your prospects will make cold calls on the phone. The best cold calling script that they can use is not in what they say, but how they say it.

Here are is a phone conversation script to try:

“Thanks for calling. What would you like me to tell you first?”

“Thanks for calling. What type of opportunity are you looking for?”

“Thanks for calling. Which part of the ad interested you?”

The telephone conversations script in these statements is simple. Remember, there is no magic in the above sentences. The magic is not in what you say, but how you say it.

The best phone script for an opening sentence with prospects is:

“I see you have been looking for a home-based business. So why haven’t you found a home business yet?”

For those who make a lot of cold calls, this is the best cold call script ever.

The key to the telephone conversation script above is the question in the two sentences: “So why haven’t you found a home-based business yet?”

The prospects relax, they do all the talking. All you have to do is listen. They will tell you exactly why they didn’t choose other businesses and now you know exactly what they are looking for. So when you tell them about your business, it is easy.

First the telephone conversation script in these two statements makes your prospects FEEL good because they can talk instead of you doing all the talking and selling.

Second, if you listen closely, then you will know how to approach these prospects in a way that will make cold calling recruiting much more pleasant.

So which of the statements in the telephone conversation script might you choose? Let me know with your comments below.

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