The 5 Question Approach Makes It Easier for Prospects to Make Immediate Decisions about Network Marketing

We ask questions to see if prospects have problems. The 5 question approach gets prospects to reveal their problems so we can fix them.

Learn How to Start Blogging for Network Marketing the Right Way

Blogging is not for everyone. You must have skills on how to write a blog. But it is good to learn how to start blogging for Network Marketing.

Witty Responses to the Excuse Send Me Your Link and I Will Think About It

Ever wanted to know some witty responses to the excuse “send me your link and I will think about it.” You get that from prospects who like putting you off.

Making People Think about Breaking Free from Their Mundane Routine with Network Marketing

Most people go through life in a trance. They are in a rut, a routine. Making people think about breaking free is hard without the proper words.

What You Do Not Know Can Kill You in Network Marketing

Ever heard it said what you don’t know won’t kill? The truth is what you do not know can kill you, especially in Network Marketing.

Gathering Information is a Curse on Our Prospects and Your Business

Ever been frustrated with people who feel they are making progress from gathering information about every possibility of your Network Marketing opportunity?

How to Find People on Social Media to Talk to About Network Marketing

Want to know how to find people on social media to talk to about Network Marketing? About your product? About your services?

How to Get People on Social Media to Ask You About What Do You Do

I think most of you would agree and want to know about how to get people on social media to ask you about what do you do.

What is Less Important for Our Prospects to Do Business with Us?

What is less important for our prospects to do business with us is degrees, awards and fancy plaques on our wall which make us look good.

If We Can Tell a Story, We Can Do Network Marketing on Social Media Every Day

Good storytellers make the most money in Network Marketing. So, if we can tell a story on social media, we can make a fortune.

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