Build Value in Your Network Marketing Opportunity with this One Phrase

Why do prospects complain about the cost of becoming a rep for your Network Marketing business? Because you did not build value in your opportunity.

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Turning Cold Leads into Hot Prospects with Two Awesome Sentences

Calling cold leads is very difficult. There is no relationship. The prospects are skeptical. Turning cold leads into hot prospects is not easy.

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More Important Questions that Help Prospects on Social Media Make Decisions NOW

Today, I’m going to give you some more important questions that help prospects make decisions about joining our business or buying our products now.

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Three Great Pre-Closing Questions to Ask Our Prospects on Social Media

Prospects prefer not to think about the penalty. We prefer to remind them about the penalty with three great pre-closing questions to ask our prospects.

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What to Do When Our Prospects Ask for More Information about Network Marketing

Here is what to do when our prospects ask for more information about our Network Marketing business or products. We have three choices to make.

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The Common Objection Our Prospects on Social Media Seldom Verbalize

Here is the common objection our prospects seldom verbalize and most Network Marketers fail to answer upfront because they don’t know how.

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Conversations to Have on Social Media about Network Marketing to Break the Ice

Are you a bit shy on social media about Network Marketing? Try a couple of these conversations to have on social media about Network Marketing.

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How to Connect with People on Social Media and Get Them to Focus on Solving Their Problems

Our problem is how to connect with people on social media and get them to see the need of solving their problems and their situation.

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Short Stories to Counteract Pushback and Resistant from Our Prospects

The frown on their faces with their arms folded tell us we are in for a rough ride…unless we counteract them with short stories.

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Handling Objections in Network Marketing with These Simple Rules

Have you ever had a prospect delay their decision to join or buy? You’re unsure of the way for handling objections in Network Marketing to counteract it?

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