Qualities of Leadership that Really Count in Network Marketing

Want to know the qualities of leadership that turn a common ordinary Network Marketer into a non-stop recruiting machine?

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How to Set Goals in Network Marketing for Your New Reps

We sit down with new distributors and ask if they know how to set goals in Network Marketing? Most of them reply, “No! They don’t.”

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Small Phrases Which Pack a Big Punch in Network Marketing

Small phrases which pack a big punch in meaning can turn heads, make people cry, or make them pay attention with agreement.

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How to Get People to Buy Your Products with this One Phrase

Want to know how to get people to buy from you by turning off their salesman alarm when you approach them? Nobody likes to be sold. People love to buy.

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What Your Prospect Is Thinking when They Meet You and How You Can Turn that to Your Advantage

Would you like to have the effective selling skills and recruitment skills of knowing what your prospect is thinking when they first meet us?

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How to Do a Three-Way Call Effectively in Network Marketing

A word about how to do a three-way call effectively in Network Marketing without being intrusive or offensive with our prospects.

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Recruiting for Network Marketing: Hunting versus Fishing

Hunting versus fishing when recruiting for Network Marketing? Do we stalk our prospects like a hunter? Or, do we lure our prospects in like a fisherman?

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Why Jobs Interfere with Our Lives and What We Can Do about It

Podcast 28: why jobs interfere with our lives and how the effects of work stress on family life and lifestyle can be counteracted with network marketing.

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Social Proof Marketing Makes Buying and Joining Decisions Easier in Network Marketing

Social proof marketing makes buying decisions and decisions for joining your business easier in Network Marketing than trying something new on your own.

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Sound Bites that Get People to Buy Our Products and Join Our Business

What describes most of the prospects that we meet BEFORE introducing them to sound bites? Low attention span – Very little listening skills.

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