We Have What the Super Bowl Sunday Advertisers Wish For

We Have What the Super Bowl Sunday Advertisers Wish For

We Have What the Super Bowl Sunday Advertisers Wish For

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is a fun day to remember. Wait! Most of us don’t remember. I don’t remember who won, but I do know who lost.

The advertisers!

The advertisers spent $5.5 billion during Super Bowl Sunday. They hired actors, produced ads, set up distribution. Then they paid $5 million for a few seconds of airtime to 111 million people.

How many customers did the advertisers get? Just 200,000 people.

Super Bowl Sunday for advertisers was a bust.

But a Network Marketer comes along. He builds a relationship with one of the advertiser’s customers. The Network Marketer sells the advertiser’s customer something of better quality.

Guess what happens to the advertiser? They lose a customer.

Insult is added to injury every time a Network Marketer takes away a customer from the advertisers.

The advertisers on Super Bowl Sunday may have millions of dollars behind them. But they do not have the ability of having a relationship. The advertiser is at a huge disadvantage.

The Network Marketer has them over a barrel.

All the Network Marketer has to say is,

--- “Brother, would you buy my diet products.”

--- Johnny, we’ve been friends for a long time. Would you like to join me in starting our own business?”

--- “June, try this hormone balance tea. It will tune up your hormones for life.”

How can the Super Bowl Sunday Advertisers beat that? All they can do is spend more money.

As Network Marketers, we have the advantage. We can build relationships. We can build them starting over Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter chat. We can build them over the telephone. We can build them with a video call. We can build them face-to-face.

As Network Marketers, all the cards are in our hands. It is how we deal them that makes the difference.

As network marketers, let’s take advantage of the fact that we can talk to our prospects face-to-face. Let the Super Bowl Sunday advertisers keep their impersonal relationships.

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