What is in It For Me

What is in It for Me?

What is in it for Me?

What is in it for Me and My Business?

What is in it for me? We’ve heard the term. Do we know what it means? Do we understand the importance of what it means for your business?

Everybody in Network Marketing knows this is the most important question to our prospects.

We are a selfish lot of people. We want what we want when we want it. We want what is in it for me, myself and I because it helps to survive.

What does it mean?

--- Please tell me about the benefits you offer. I want more benefits in my life. I am tired of statistics and lots of useless information. I want what benefits you offer.

--- I have a problem. Can you help me fix it? I have a problem with my weight. Can you help me fix it? I have a problem with debt. Can you help me fix it?

Prospects will stop whatever they are doing to hear unique solutions to their problems. When we make the message about solving their problems, they listen harder because the solutions affect their survival.

How do we find a problem to fix? Listen. Whiners, complainers and people broken by life and their jobs will let you know.

--- I have a debt that I can’t pay.

--- My daughter’s wedding is in a month and I need to lose weight to fit in the dress she wants me to wear.

--- Working overtime week after week take time away from my family.

These are people begging for a solution. And we have solutions to offer. What do we say? First, we say, “Would you like to do something about it?”

When they say YES to fix their problems, we offer solutions.

--- I show people how to make their bills smaller and bank accounts bigger. If you’d ever like to know how, I’ll be glad to show you.

--- I show people how to lose weight 60-seconds a day without eating funny tasting foods. If you’d ever like to know how, I’ll be glad to show you.

--- I show people how to work two-day weeks and get paid for five-day weeks. If you’d ever like to know how, I’ll be glad to show you.

So, we listen gladly to whiners and complainers. We ask a simple question and we answer with unique solutions.

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