A picture of Smiling Steve™

Smiling Steve™

“I like the effort that Dale put into posting literally massive amounts of training on this site so much that I agreed to join the effort!

That means that as of Apr. of 2021 my team took over this site’s management. And the quality & quantity of the content (training) you will find here going forward will rank as the best in Network Marketing. Enjoy!” 

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter

Tom 'BIG AL' Schreiter

“I like what Dale did with the phrasing in “Swipe Files for Professionals” to get prospects to engage. Plus, Dale also included different versions of tailored scripts and templates to work from. Nicely done.” 

Camille Tyler

“There so many good things I can say about Dale Moreau. He is an awesome coach and gives one on one attention to all of his clients he has helped me boost my sales over the last three months by over 220%. He always has a positive attitude and a extremely high work epic to make sure that his clients have the greatest success.”

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